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Mindset Reset Group Sessions



One on One session

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This session gives you opportunity to sit with Shelly for a one-on-one performance session.

How well do you perform under pressure?

Understand yourself better. Get to know your triggers to stress. You will leave with at least 3 tools & techniques you can start use straight away to perform better in day-to-day experiences. This session is followed up with an in-depth email recapping and breaking down the session. Suited to anybody willing to make some changes to laugh more, perform better and be a better version of themselves.

Ready to enjoy life today.

Mindset Reset Group Sessions


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Performance coaching

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Getting the best from your team is sometimes a challenge therefore bringing in a performance coach to measure their performance can give you opportunity to support your team to grow, learn and perform at their peek performance.

Shelly is very passionate about helping people perform under pressure as its often when under pressure things begin to turn south. If your team can perform under pressure, drive towards goals, and communicate as a team better, your business, sporting team or work crew truly will be unstoppable.

Stress related situations in work environment effects the whole running of your business, customers, teams, staff, suppliers. Get the stress under control and support your team to more fun happy ways and begin to enjoy the environment they are in. Staff change over is expensive. Support your team to point they don’t want to leave. Suited for any business team, sporting team or even a family looking to make some changes to live a happier life together.

Mums and Bubs Mindset Reset Classes


Per Hour

Up to 5 Mums

Mums & Bubs

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Being a Mum can be stressful, exciting, scary, challenging and rewarding. However sometimes it can also mean we often run on empty. We are always juggling things, carrying guilt we are not doing good enough job. We question why we feel certain ways we feel. We can even feel we are failing as a Mum. The biggest thing is that you are doing an amazing job, you are not alone, and it is ok to make mistakes. Shelly loves to run this session in casual easy going locations, even have Bub with you if you need to. (Shelly loves babies always up for free cuddle)

Learn how to manage your emotions, laugh more. Understand different stages you may go through. Have a laugh with some friends and begin to enjoy the journey of a lifetime- being a Mum.

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  • Feeling stressed, frustrated, angry, sad, lost in life?
  • Are you looking for a full-body workout with low impact?
  • Love being outdoors enjoying our beautiful beach?
  • Could you benefit from mindset tools to help you handle stress?
  • Want to incorporate something different into your current weekly training program?
  • Is it time to be happy TODAY?
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